Saturday, 1 June 2013

Pixies, Children and Rocks

I spent the day on Newquays Towan beach on Wednesday and Thursday, chilling and doing some drawing. I dont really crack out my sketchbook in public normally. But I thought its a good alternative to sitting around the house fed up with everything. So I shot down to see a friend and go to the beach as its only an hour away from where I live. Newquay, for those that don't live in the UK is a major surfing town in the country and popular seaside destination. Anyway, climbed onto some rocks to keep nosey passersby at bay. Pleased with myself that I could carry on drawing unobserved I did not count on ninja children traversing a few big dangerous jumps whilst their mother bellowed at them to get down lower to somewhere safe. Anyway, they came over to see what I was doing. They weren't old which was why I was worrying about the jumps they were doing. Anyway they came over and the youngest of the two, aged about 5 or 6 was very interested. So I asked him if he'd seen the Hobbit and he said yes which led him to a heap load of suggestions of things for me to draw. Whilst he was watching I let him have a go and showed him how to shade using a tortillion blending stump which he was well chuffed with after telling him to use a cotton bud he had to go home and it was time for some peace and quiet....came up with this Froud variation....

I will post the original Froud for comparison another day.

 I started a Cornish Sea Piskie as well, not a copy, but I only have that on my phone. I am really starting to enjoy drawing again. having a little focus is helping I think. Concentrating on faces at the moment. The Sea Pixie will follow shortly...


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