Friday, 28 June 2013

Kings of the Goblins

I've just started painting some water colour goblins, just a few small portraits copied from Adrian Smiths Illuminations art book (now sold out! Sorry if you missed it, don't lose out next time!). Now I am still learning to master these fangled water colours, so I decided to kick back with a coffee and do some Googling of some more skillfully painted goblins. Here is my first find as a quick post. I will be compiling a more thorough post over the course of the weekend. Have to get up early in the morning so enjoy this illustration for now, by RYAN VOGLER click the link to head on over to his Deviantart page.


Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Gary Lipincott Goblin

Well, finally finished my version of this Gary Lipincott piece. I changed the horns on the character to a helmet. Kind of reminds me of a Froudian goblin from Jim Hensons "Labyrinth" movie. It's watercolour - my third completed piece. I am enjoying the medium and hope to one day achieve some degree of success at it.

I will probably paint in the bottom area to match or complement the top later.


Tuesday, 25 June 2013

The Complete Elmore

A few weeks ago I stumbled upon a Kickstarter campaign that I would have supported but was unfortunate enough to miss. If you will excuse the pun, I kicked myself harder than I have ever kicked myself before. The campaign in question was for an art book. An art book written by one of the first artists responsible for firing my imagination with wonderful visions for my gaming and responsible for my interest in fantasy art. This artist is Larry Elmore and his art book is a collected works from the span of his career called "The Complete Elmore". An art book that will look great on any fantasy gamers shelf. I have a good selection of art books, none however, are complete works. But with that said, the amazing artists whose books I have collected have not been in the business quite as long as Larry or have just not produced such a book that I have seen. I do hope to see plenty more "complete works of..." in the future.

If you are a hardcore RPG gamer reading this it is quite likely that you will have seen the basic red boxed Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set. You know, the one with the gold dragon on the front fighting the barbarian warrior using a sword and shielding himself. Here, this.....

Larry is also well known for his work on Dragon Lance Chronicles as well as Dungeons & Dragons. A book series I absolutely loved in my now long gone youth. Well it seems like it anyway. I guess I am not that old really. But anyway, time for me to shut up for a minute and just feed your eyes a steady stream of Elmore artwork...

All images are copyright of Larry Elmore or respective owners and are used without permission. Please contact me if you require a credit.

Well there we have a selection of it anyway. If you want to see all or at least most of Larry's art, then perhaps check out Larry's book "The Complete Elmore". Although the wonderful bargain Kickstarter price is no longer available, you can still purchase one of the few remaining copies Larry has leftover at regular retail price. Unfortunately my own financial circumstances prevent me from splashing out on it and I will be bitter about that until the end of my days. But bills, a house move, finding a new place to live and preventing myself from sitting in the street with a beggars bowl and an "Alms for the blind" sign drawn on the back of a Cornflake box, all conspire against me.

If you however want to pick one up, Larry's webstore can be visited HERE! (ClickMe.) There are not many left either!!! Larry does have a few other books available on the store so browse around.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Character Design Interview

I just came across an interesting interview I'd like to share with people here. A creature and character designer by the name of Joseph Pepe.  I enjoyed it anyway so check out the blog article below and of course the blog itself. There is a lot of stuff here of interest if you like your art.


Gnome Art

My latest drawing based on a pen and ink by Brian Froud who is providing me with much inspiration to get drawing again at the moment. Cheers Mr Froud!

Look out next week for a warm up to the Larry Elmore interview.


Tony Cipriano Demonstrates Sculpting Process

Here is a really great introductory video on the sculpting process for those unfamiliar with how the magic happens. Demonstrated by professional sculptor Tony Cipriano, who does a lot of comic characters for toys and figurines - a fantastic artist!! Check out his video below.

Friday, 7 June 2013

Larry Elmore Interview News

I have the great fortune of procuring an interview with the absolutely amazing fantasy artist Larry Elmore, who has been illustrating fantasy worlds since the very beginning of Dungeons & Dragons.

Please watch this space, In about 4 weeks I should be able to bring it to you. However, it always bothered me when I used to read various interviews with various personalities about the unasked questions and missed opportunities. Well, I want questions from you so that I can put them to Larry. Make them good and they will be incorporated into the interview. You may post your questions in the comments below or you may even spot places you can post them elsewhere on the net, in the forums I visit.

There will be more news in a few weeks so Watch this Space and post your questions if you have one - don't miss your chance!!!!


Monday, 3 June 2013

Rataxes - Rhino Warrior!!!

This guy is absolutely brilliant and its painted by the super amazing Golden Demon winning Stefan Johnsson (SkelettetS on CMON). Stefan has achieved some lovely skintone in this piece below, using his favourite dark palette. If I could wring this piece from his hands and put it in a glass cabinet I would!! Definately cool. There is a lot of amazing work out, wish I could make sure I get everything I like on here, but that would be an impossible task. But a task I hope to start tackling properly again when my life returns to some semblance of normality. For now enjoy Rataxes, visit Stefan's gallery, vote - comment if you are CMON'er (and if you are not join - it's a great site with a lot of top minis being posted every week on the galleries!).


Saturday, 1 June 2013

Pixies, Children and Rocks

I spent the day on Newquays Towan beach on Wednesday and Thursday, chilling and doing some drawing. I dont really crack out my sketchbook in public normally. But I thought its a good alternative to sitting around the house fed up with everything. So I shot down to see a friend and go to the beach as its only an hour away from where I live. Newquay, for those that don't live in the UK is a major surfing town in the country and popular seaside destination. Anyway, climbed onto some rocks to keep nosey passersby at bay. Pleased with myself that I could carry on drawing unobserved I did not count on ninja children traversing a few big dangerous jumps whilst their mother bellowed at them to get down lower to somewhere safe. Anyway, they came over to see what I was doing. They weren't old which was why I was worrying about the jumps they were doing. Anyway they came over and the youngest of the two, aged about 5 or 6 was very interested. So I asked him if he'd seen the Hobbit and he said yes which led him to a heap load of suggestions of things for me to draw. Whilst he was watching I let him have a go and showed him how to shade using a tortillion blending stump which he was well chuffed with after telling him to use a cotton bud he had to go home and it was time for some peace and quiet....came up with this Froud variation....

I will post the original Froud for comparison another day.

 I started a Cornish Sea Piskie as well, not a copy, but I only have that on my phone. I am really starting to enjoy drawing again. having a little focus is helping I think. Concentrating on faces at the moment. The Sea Pixie will follow shortly...