Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Some More Pencil Drawings

Couple of head pencil drawings for Goblin characters I did recently....

I have purchased some new artrbooks, instructional ones I will be taking at a look at these on the blog soonish when I have had time to look through them properly and take some photos. These are Otherworld by Tom Kidd, The Realm of Faery by Ed Org ,Drawing For Fantasy Artists by Socar Myles and Otherworld by Tom Kidd. All great books and I'll get into details on each of them. I also have several books by John Howe, a particularly great book by Alan Lee and Brian Froud and a host of other art books they you may be interested to know about. Of course, now Amazon allows you to look inside each of these books online it makes purchasing decisions a little easiers, but anyway I'll give you my impression here.