Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Bad To The Bone

Finally, the Rat Warrior is here and he has a name. The sculpt is "Bad To The Bone" and is availble from www.greymatterfigures.com now!! I have uploaded photos to CoolMiniOrNot.com and you can vote and comment on the sculpt there if you wish, its very much appreciated!!


I have entitled him "Skrakch Bodyguard To Prince Skim" for my own gallery, and the photos actually do the sculpt justice. Goes to show just how important bright sunshine is for a good picture.


Thursday, 20 May 2010

Rat Warrior Bust Ready

I got the rat warrior back today. Still unamed as far as I know. Anyway, the casting is fantastic, the mould line barely goes half way around, running through the armour so it doesnt spoil any delicate pieces. Great job by Tim ad the guys at GreyMatter as usual !! Photos will be uploaded over the weekend to Cool Mini Or Not and I will post a link for voting and comments when it is up. About time I put some more stuff in my gallery really.


Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Current Progress

No more pictures today, but the Thugorre/Thuggorre - probably going to be the latter name now - is not far from completion. Skin details need to be put in, the accessories (cloak and necklace), an ear and one eye to resculpt and the bust is done. The ball bearings I ordered to use for eyes arrived a few days ago, this should make life easier for me and I can now try them out on the cyborg demon. I am still sketching out designs for the tongue as there are so many possibilities and I cannot decide!!

On other notes, I may have another commission coming up, more news on that if I am permitted at a later date, but it sounds fun. I have also been doing more concept sketches for various characters for possible future bust projects. Three more to finish shading and they will be posted for peoples comments and voting. They are : Zombie Cheerleader, Orc Warrior, Pus Demon, Cyclops, Thief and Stone Golem. I also completed another sketch for a nazi type character, but more on that another time as it will definately be sculpted. No progress made on web design unfortunately, I am itching to get back to test my photoshop skills once again and know roughly what i want but my logo needs tweaking first.


Thursday, 13 May 2010

More From Thugorre

Some updated pictures for you. The left side was trimmed down and some facial proportions were adjusted as well as the eyes. Hopefully should look a whole lot better when the next lot of pictures go up!!!


Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Thugore The Barbarian

After a bit of posting around people liked the concept sketch of the pin-headed barbarian I have christianed Thugore, so I sculpted him out today. The roughing in is pretty much finished so I am gonna get to work on smoothing it out tonight ready for detailing and texturing tomorrow. Heres the roughed in bust....

More pics soon. If enough people are interested I might send this off to Grey Matter Figures to be cast and make it available to purchase. Its 60mm by the way.


Mr Forgetful....

Well looks like I forgot to post here as well as the forums all the latest progress. Nevermind. There will be one final set of new pics up tomorrow showing off the 99% finished bust. The tongue is the final element to do.

On another note I have started to sketch again after much reading of ImagineFX magazine I have decided to try my hand at some proper concept art and came up with a sheet of characters for my next bust design. I have chosen to do the bald headed barbarian character and started sculpting it already. Pictures of that soonish.

This character is called "Thugore" I imagine as a barbarian, outcast due to his even smaller than usual brain and his cone head. This guy is dumb, even by barabarian standards. Luckily for him then that one of the most powerful sorcerors in the world (like ever) controls his mind from afar and makes this lumbering ox do his bidding (hence the glazed over eyes).