Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Pictures ; Gimme Pictures

I have posted a few wip's on various forums showing off the wererat being painted and the batman bust. I will not post here as well, if you wish to follow the WIP you can do so here....

Wererat WIP

The Batman bust is progressing, here is a little taster...


Saturday, 7 November 2009


A fairly productive week this week. A little bit of sculpting done on the wererat warrior. The main project for next week is a painting work in progress for the wererat assassin bust. Painting is well underway, first set of photos done ready for uploading and I'll try and get this put on the forums over the next few days - a little behind with it.

All of the Darkhand busts have been shipped out and some of you have already acknowledged receipt - thank you for that and I hope you enjoy painting them and post the results on CMON! 

Main news is the latest sculpt which started as a little diversion. I have always been a fan of the fabulous superhero figurines that you can buy and some of the sculpts done on the superhero garage kits over on the Clubhouse forum. So Batman was probably the first superhero i came into contact with as a kid, with spiderman a close second so these guys have a special place in my heart. I decided to do Batman in the end - a bit more interesting costume wise. It is an approx 50mm size bust, but I am considering designing a very fancy attachment to a  base piece, that will be top secret though. I hope to post some pics up shortly of the main bust. It took a mere 40minutes to get it to a nicely roughed out stage which i am pleased with and I think I have captured the look of him quite nicely.