Friday, 30 July 2010

Thuggorre Stomping Out Soon!!

I am awaiting production casts of Thuggorre and Darkhand ready for 2nd August, so if anyone would like to pre-order one please drop me an email at dogfacedboyuk1 at - I will only be getting a small amount at a time as I am unsure of interest to be honest. The idea of my shop is basically to allow the purchase of anything I sculpt while I have fun learning, practicing and designing stuff I am interested in, I am not pushing it as a serious business interest until I know it will be successful. That remains to be seen. So if people purchase my work I will put some time and effort into doing stuff that other people would like to see as well as what I want to do and of course commission work.

I have been working on my photoshop skills, below is an example of the product label I have designed for Thuggorre. A studio paintjob version will be shown off as soon as it is finished - the painter received the package today, and I think work begins tomorrow.

The Cyborg Daemon tongues are underway and I am also working on my painting skills. Some Nurgle chaos warriors will be squirming their way onto Ebay at some point , I am doing the test model, the other 5 are all basecoated, base metals on and the scenics are on the base to. Just fancied doing something else for the minute. One side of the face of the In The Shadows rat is done , looks okay. It will hopefully be good enough for Grey Matter Figures to use for their product photography in their webstore!


Wednesday, 28 July 2010

DFBStudio Logo

Here is the logo I have designed for the website and product labels etc. I have to do a banner format as of yet, but that won't take long now I have the main logo done. I think it looks pretty good and once I had the idea in my head the whole process was pretty straightforward.


Saturday, 24 July 2010

The Darkhand Pre-Order

The Darkhand bust I sculpted originally for the mini-dojo contest is now also available to purchase! Please note I have not managed to work out how to do an accurate combined item shipping charge on the webstore. If you want multiple items please contact me before buying so I can consult the mystical charts of the Royal Mail and work it out!!!!


Thuggorre Pre-Order

I have decided to do a pre-order for Thuggorre, the official release date is 2nd August, casts should be availble for shipping that week. Shipping is tracked for security using Royal Mail Airsure. Whilst such a service effectively doubles the shipping costs it provides insurance for me to cover any lost goods and should ensure a more efficient delivery. UK deliveries are also signed for. The webstore can be found at the link below.....


Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Two For The Price Of One

Two posts in one day - incredible!!! This one is to show off the adjusted Cyborg Daemon with his new eye. He went in the oven today  to allow me to start work on the tongue, the designs have been chosen so watch this space. I am hoping to have this finished by next wednesday.


Thuggorre the Giant

Received a great big parcel today containing the first set of casts of "Thuggorre". These casts are going to be for myself and the paint master, with maybe one going out for a competition which I will sort out shortly. I am hoping to be getting the production casts for the end of next week ready to launch the following week, so a hopeful launch date of 2nd August where it will be available to purchase from the newly established DFB Studio. I am still working on the graphic design elements I need, although now I have it in my head what I am aiming for with the logo so now its just a case of doing it. Never rush a logo design, you only get one chance!!! Well, unless you are the manufacturer of a well known brand of kitchen towel.

I must say Tim, Mark and Rich have done a great job casting Thuggorre, it came out great, alot of the skin texture has come out slightly less obvious, although it should be subtle in order to be realistic anyway. Whether this is my sculpting or the silicone I am not sure, but either way it still looks great. The mould line running down the right hand side of the bust and is very discreet, so good news for people who hate the prep stage of painitng!

The photos of the resin have been taken and I will upload and edit into this post later this evening, so until then.........


PS On other news, I also received the Cool Mini Or Not annual today which is an absolutely fantastic book full of great minis, and there is nearly a whole page showing off the Jarheads I made last year. It is indeed Cool.