About DFB


For a long time I have wanted to do art in a more serious way, and  I made  a concerted effort to set myself some goals and improve my skills, set up an active internet presence to encourage myself to post frequently and show off the work for feedback and encouragement. Well I have done this and now I have set further goals to improve my painting and sculpting skills and to actually produce the sculptures I create for people to buy. These sculptures are made in resin and produced to a very high standard by Grey Matter Figures and will be competitively priced. Hopefully my work can be enjoyed by others and not just sat in my cupboard!

About Me

Whilst an "About Me" is relatively pointless unless you are famous, here are a few things if you are interested, something for you to read and forget about later hehehe.

I reside in beautiful Cornwall and work in a studio space set up in my home, although art is not my day job, the dedicated space helps me tremendously with my enthusiasm and spirits.  I am big (6'3" 17 Stone) mean and hairy (hence the username) and have been known to be very grumpy, especially when technology goes wrong. I won't bore you with further details other than to say my work is firmly focussed on my interests which are based in history, mythology, fantasy and science fiction.


I love all the typical films, comics and books of modern times as well as older references. Movies like Alien, Star Wars, Chronicles of Narnia, Lord of the Rings and all the other mainstream media are part of the vast work I absolutely love and am inspired by, in fact there is probably very little I don't like.

Favourite artists are way too numerous to list everyone here so I will mention just a few. My favourite old masters are Leonardo Da Vinci and Caravaggio, I don't know a great deal of painters inbetween the old masters and modern day.  Arthur Rackham's name springs up at me, he is a fantastic painter whose work I do love but I am mostly impressed by contempory work though especially some of the games artists and people like Daarken and Marta Dahlig. To name but I few I love the faeries and characters created by Brian and Wendy Froud (think Dark Crystal, Yoda etc) his watercolour is astounding. Obviously names like John Howe and Alan Lee cannot go without mention, Lord of the Rings is hugely inspirational to most fantasy nuts and I am no exception!! Creators of iconic comic book art featured in the likes of 2000AD also feature in my list. I could go on and I will probably add more as my old memory kicks in and I convince myself to edit this text.

My favourite sculptors are equally hard to list thoroughly, but people like Troy McDevitt, Ray Villafane, Joaquin Palacious, MIKH, Shifflett Bros, Gabriel Marquez, John Brown and a thousand others!!! All provide a benchmark of skill that will be hard to reach, but I intend to try nonetheless!!