DFB's Workbench

This is my workbench where you can see stuff that is in some stage of done ness - nearly done, quite a way of done or stuff that will never will be done. All finished work will be posted into my Cool Mini Or Not gallery for you to see there where you can leave comments, votes or just peruse away the time. Anything that is being produced you can find on the product page. I decided to organise it away from the main page for the sake of tidyness. The main page is dedicated to the fantastic art produced by others and other sculpting/painting articles of relevance.Enjoy this workbench, its looking clean right now, but there soon will be piles of minis and sculpts everywhere. Maybe.


Update 2nd October 2012

After a terrible year I am making an attempt to get back into the artistic saddle. I had some success at Games Workshop Golden Demons winning a finalist pin in the 40k Large Monster catergory with the orc. You can view it here if you havent seem it, the ork is shown below in a stage of progress as well -
http://www.coolminiornot.com/314884. I am obviously very pleased with the result and have started some new projects.

Painting projects will include continuing the marines from the post below. Also I have a Forgeworld Hive Tyrant with venom cannon. Currently in prep stages. Sculpting projects will include an idea from some original art that is very different from its finsihed model - the Curs'd Ettin. Here it is....

When work is underway there will be photos.....


Update 25th October 2011

Wow ages since I updated this page. Well, the ork warboss is nearly done, just working on the plinth base at the moment. One new project started - Utramarines, six of them in this unit. Working on the test model at the moment. Here's a quick picture...

Update 27th September 2011

Okay, the latest batch of photos. Just really showing off the skin, although I still have to work up the highlights on the gun arm in these particular photos.

There is much tidying up to do, on the blue and the lens and metal headgear bit is still to do, only has a basecoat at the moment. Also need to do the teeth and bone bits, the skull is done though. The current stage of the bone work is basically Dehneb Stone base with several thin coats of yellow over it. I will be thinly washing some brown at the base but am trying to find what the best forumla for teeth actually is.

The bits for the base are about 60% done, and I will have to tone down the red on the gaming base and add some dusty highlighting to. These photos show the finished power claw as well.

I will be doing some more on the Orc Warlord sculpt soon, just trying to focus on getting the bits on this ork to the standard I want. It will be going on ebay, but I want it to represent the best of my current skill level.

And thats it from the bench today really.


Update 17th September 2011

More work done on the Ork Warboss, there are a couple of photos in the Work In Progress shots on CMON amongst other forums (Cool Mini Or Not  is my main place to hang out, if you want to find me, I will usually be there) DFB's Thread Full of Stuff . I have also assembled a small list of the stuff that is on my workbench that will eventually be for sale - either privately or through ebay.

Update 14th September 2011
Well over on Cool Mini Or Not they have a competition promoting the new game Space Marine and unsuprisingly its a painting comp for the best space marine, ork or chaos space marine figure with one copy of the game for the winner of each catergory. My entry is well underway and I have a few photos to show of the progress so far.


Update 31st August 2011

Whilst waiting for the paint to dry on some models I idly twisted up some wire and  made an armature for the start of an Orc Warlord in greenstuff no less. It make it up as I go along, no concept or firm ideas so it should be interesting.


Update : 25th August 2011

In The Shadows Bust by Grey Matter Figures 

I figured it was about time I started to paint something I sculpted so I picked up the In The Shadows bust I sculpted for Grey Matter Figures a while back. I started working on the leather hood a while back and had some of it underway. It is nearing completion but due to poor light I have no photos for any of the current projects yet. They will be added when it gets a bit sunnier around here. Its very nearly finished, but I have decided to do a fancy base for it, so not so much nearly finished now as it will involve more sculpting!

Pictures to follow....


Ork Big Mek by Games Workshop 

This project is also a fair way to being completed. The parts need to be glued together, maybe pinned and a little painting on them is still left to do which I need to wait until gluing and pinning is finished to complete. The main figure is all but done. This figure will have an additional display base, I am currently making this, it's a way off yet but the ground is done - just the tricky details and of course painting. 

Pictures to follow

Super Secret Sculpting Project 

Have redesigned the face twice now. I think I have it down to how I like it now. No photos to follow - it's secret!

Other Things and Plans to Be... 

When my bust is finished I will be working on two pieces, one of which I have sculpted - Thuggorre the Giant and "Janie's Got A Gun" by Grey Matter Figures, which was in progress a while back, so not too much to do on that one. After that an Ork Boss will be in the works to go with the Ork Big Mek.

Janies Got A Gun Photos