Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Random Painting I Like No.2

Came across this awesome Frank Frazetta piece. I really like the fantastic colours and composition. Great picture. I will be rounding up some sculpts of Frazettas work for a blog entry soon. Definately worth investigating and seeing what the talented sculptors have done with his work. I have seen the Death Dealer and a Conan piece. Anyway, enjoy the 2D art for the moment!

Oh yeah - WARNING! SOME NUDITY. Yeah, I bet you are really upset and shocked etc....

Thursday, 31 October 2013

All Hallows Eve is Upon Us!!! Muwahahahahaha

 I always get excited over the Halloween period. The reason being, my all time favourite sculptor, Ray Villafane is at his busiest time of year, producing some of the most awesome pumpkins you will see. He puts on shows, demos, lessons and has books out and tool sets available for you to have a crack yourself. If you are near any of the events he has put on, I envy you! Check out his website and Facebook page. And in the meantime, sit back and check out some of his work below!!

Check out Rays site and Facebook page, and maybe give something like the above a whirl! It's certainly not easy to sculpt a pumpkin like that but fun trying!


Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Talisman Digital Edition Is Coming!

I am a MASSIVE fan of the boardgame Talisman. It's brilliant. Very much luck based but most definately a fun adventure where your fortunes go up and down and with a little bit of strategy you can help things a long. Most enjoyable when a crowd of 6 mates are enjoined around a table with beer and snacks and music blaring in the background!!!

Fantasy Flight games re-released the boardgame some years ago, after Games Workshop Black Industries sold the license. And a sterling job they have done, with many expansions- old and new released to date and more to come in the future.

The Talisman universe has recently expanded to include the Digital Realm and is now available to purchase on the Steam Platform for PC. It is currently Early Access, and everyone is helping to iron out bugs, put in their suggestions and getting ready for the imminent online update due over the course of the next couple of weeks. It has received a new update today that fixes some AI problems and adds in the Death mechanic from the Reaper expansion as a Halloween treat! The full Reaper expansion will be available properly from the day of official release.

With the arrival of Talisman Online Multiplayer games finally becoming an imminent reality Mr Jon New, webmaster of Talisman Island and No.1 Talisman fan in the world, and I have created a Facebook Community to create a more friendly envirmoment for chatting and arranging games. As time goes on and more expansions are released, inter continental games will become longer and more problematic. No worries, with our community just create a post, find some friends and arrange a time and date in a more gentlmanly manner. Most online games have some percentage of its users acting like children. We are aiming to eliminate all that. Of course, every good game has some small amount of trash talking etc. I love it personally, but everything is done in the spirit of fun. I hope we can achieve this aim. Perhaps even arrange some small tournaments. Click the banner link to head over to the Facebook community page, click like, post your Steam username and get ready to go online....

Head on over to Steam and purchase Talisman Digital Edition by Nomad Games!

War In Heaven by Adrian Smith/Ricardo Pinto

Adrian Smith has done a collaborative motion comic book with author Ricardo Pinto. It uses Madefire technology to run and you can check out part of it for FREE, right at the link below..


You can read a little about it on the authors blog page here....



Thursday, 3 October 2013

Halloween Is Upon Us!!

Nearly time to celebrate the Day of the Dead or the Night of the Living Dead or All Hallows Evening, whichever your preference may be. The doors between worlds has definately started to widen and evil beasts have slipped through the gateway and disappeared into the night...I'm sure you will agree that these creations by Pumpkin King Mr Ray Villafane are most surely not of this world...

Mr Ray Villafane at work.

Ray and his team of talented sculptors, who include the likes of Trevor Grove, Andy Bergholtz and Alfred Parades have got events and appearances planned throughout October, they have already done some shows during September, so I am a little late in posting this really. You can check out their studio website HERE to find out all the details of what they are up to.

They also have a Facebook page HERE. Head on over and hit the "Like" button if you are on it.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Random Art I Like No. 2

This awesome painting is by Alexander Jansson, a very creative man with a Burtonesque style, you really need to check this guys crazy and imaginative artwork out. His website is HERE. Facebook page HERE.

Enjoy, and do Google.


Wednesday, 17 July 2013

The Sculptures of Kent Kidwell

Just came across some really nice stuff today by artist Kent Kidwell. Check these beauties out and enjoy. I think you'll agree that the Igor character is particularly cool!!!

You can visit Kents website HERE and there is also a FACEBOOK page. Make sure you like it as there are plenty of painted examples of these sculptures below and other stuff of interest!

Monday, 8 July 2013

Random Art I Like No.1

 As this blog also serves as a kind of diary and record of art I love, I am going to do some random posts as I come across stuff I like. I was looking for reference on spacemen and came upon this picture. It just caught my eye and I enjoyed it. So this is Random Art Post No.1....

The piece is by  Ric Stultz and his site is HERE.

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Journey Boardgame By Marrow Productions

Our gaming group has a passion for boardgames of late. Magic The Gathering was what brought us together originally but we have expanded our interests beyond this now. We have Talisman, Relic, World of Warcraft, Mansions of Madness, Catan and many others besides being played every month. But with this post I would like to highlight a cool looking new boardgame due for release this year by Marrow Productions. It is based upon the Chinese classic "Journey to the West". A sort of Chinese Lord of the Rings if you will with its heroes battling demons along the road to recover scriptures. Of course, I would not be putting this on the blog if it did not have cool art and sculptures as part of the deal. And I am glad to report, sculptor Ray Wong is doing a mighty fine job creating the miniatures for the game, which are very high quality indeed. Rays work is based on concept art by Adrian Smith, who has been interviewed somewhere within this blog if you nose around.

Sculptor Ray Wong
The details on the game can be found on the Facebook page, click the "Like" button while you are there or follow it or whatever. It is a very promising looking project! I believe it will be featured on Kickstarter at some point. Here are a few photos, better versions are on the Facebook page. There you will find board art, character concepts, sculpts in progress, finished sculpts and some generic game art.

Art by JunC

Rays sculpting in progress for the Monkey King

WIP Monkey King 2

Some board tile art by  Henning Ludvigsen ART

Pigsy concept art by Adrian Smith

Resin miniature. Actual pieces will be plastic.
Go and check it all out!