Monday, 27 May 2013

Some Good News For Aspiring Painters

Painting Buddha!

Painting miniatures can be a very rewarding and relaxing hobby. But we have all seen work that has blown us away and made us think "I'll never be as good as that!!". Most of us have probably all thought that at some point. A browse through the webpages of the Cool Mini Or Not website amongst the galleries of the top painters will just as easily dishearten you as excite your eyeballs into an eye candy frenzy.

But if you take a step back, relax and realise it will take some hard work, a steady, measured approach of improving in small steps you may, with some determination, realise all is not lost. There are numerous painting tutorials on Youtube, DVD's from some good companies like Figone, Cool Mini Or Not, Miniature Mentor and others. But enter the NEW CHALLENGER!!! (Yes I am a Street Fighter fan).

A great new product is soon to be released by a budding new company - Painting Buddha, run by hobby loving hoopy crazy man Mr Michael Bartels. He is running his company with a few twists and to get more idea about what all this guy is all about I recommend you read his blog. He has some giveaways and competitions running as well - so a chance for some cool free stuff! Visit the blog here!!!

The product itself is exciting for a few reasons. First of all the price - 42 Euro's for all of this.....

Read all that? Good, 2 54mm minis and two instructional DVD's on how to paint these exact figures is a great idea and an amazing bargain. Both of these painters are at the top of their game and I will be having myself a set of these just for the painting DVD's - I have plenty of other figures to paint, I don't need more but I do need more instruction! I got a finalist place at the UK Golden Demon 2012, this has given me the necessary confidence boost to push myself further and say yes, it is possible to improve. Everyone can do it, no matter what level or standard you are there is always room to get better. I think this product is a well designed idea. The mini's look great, the chosen painters to do the tutorials are perfect but the DVD set still remains to be seen. No pressure Michael - we have every confidence in you!! Keep your eyes peeled on this product as it due to be released shortly. I will post again when it is actually available to buy!!

left to right: Ben "White Rabbit" Komets, Mati "Badsmile" Zander and Michael "Zaphod Beeblebrox" Bartels
And yes - he did shave his head for this momentous event - Painting Buddha Style! :D
Stephan Rath


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