Monday, 27 May 2013

Sketchbooks, Goblins and Faeries

Well, despite a disastrous personal life over the last year and the foreseeable year ahead I have been able to start making a revival of my artistic endeavours. At the beginning of this year my nan died and being particularly close to her it hit me very hard. My stepfather has multiple cancers ripping through his body and we recently had the news that my younger brother also has a malignant tumour on his kidney. And last year my wife left me. Enthusiasm for anything = ZERO! Art is my biggest love of all my holidays, in it's many forms and it is of course what this blog is all about - the amazing works of people across the world. Particularly in the field of fantasy art.

Anyway, it is not often I have updated this blogs section for my own work so here are some sketches and a couple of water colours from a new painting "sketchbook" I got.

Here are the water colours, a couple are still in progress...

A drunk and grumpy Cornish Piskie

Frankie Says Relax...

A Brian Froud copy.

A Gary Lippincott copy, with a few changes.
Here are some doodles from my sketchbook whilst we were playing the Munchkin card game at UK Games Expo...

These were drawn at the UK Games Expo at various opportune moments with a tiny stub of a pencil, so yeah they ain't brilliant lol. Some details were tidied after taking the pics to.


Dr. frankenstein, why give me a head with a comb over?!?

Inspired by my mates Afro...

Anyway, some works are now back in progress just got to beat the bad things going on in life.


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