Sunday, 8 May 2011

Wolverine For Starters

Wolverine has become a fairly iconic superhero character over the last few years due to the popularity of the X-Men movies and the back story movie - Origins. The success of the various superhero movies has brought the comic book characters to a wider audience which is a great thing. Many characters from the Marvel Universe along with the Star Wars universe have been given the miniature treatment over the last year or so by a company called Knight Models. The sculpts are amazing, the characters are carefully selected and represent the most popular and I'm sure they will expand the range over the coming year. A good deal of you reading this know all that, but I am saying it anyway for the sake of those who  of course! Here is a link to the models in the Cool Mini Or Not shop - please check them out.

The market for superheroes in resin has unfortunately had to be met by the "Garage Kit Industry". Essentially unlicensed models sold in small numbers illegally by talented sculptors and producers. The official merchandise has always tended to be prepainted statues and busts of a much larger scale. Not my cup of tea really, so here I am going to show off some cool stuff I have found. Wolverine for starters, a few traditional sculpts and some computer sculpture in z brush.

This one has to be my all time favourite sculpt of wolverine - hands down easy. Sculpted by the awesom Mark Newman. Click for larger images.

This one sculpted by a forum user known as Morhawkee. Sorry I don't the sculptors real name! I like this rendering for managing to capture the mood nicely.

I like the piece above for its fantastic energy and bursting colour that makes it seem like a comic book page come to life.

Obviously these three sculpts dont even begin to scratch the surface of the amazing work out there, but I chose them each on their own merit, its not always about technical perfection of the sculpt itself. I have seen some less sharper work convey feeling beautifully. Here is an example of that. It is a paperclay sketch of Logan. Done by the Shifflett Brothers.

Very simple but the face conveys a lot of expression and also offers a slightly different look to him which I like.

An amazing z-brush rendition of wolverine in a classic comic pose. This looks utterly amazing. Lets hope that gets produced.

Anyway, hope you liked these ones - there will of course be more over time.


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