Thursday, 5 May 2011

One Shot By Soda Pop Miniatures

Many of you may have seen the Soda Pop Miniatures new release "One Shot" model. A girl and her mech is a nice design idea and the sculpting of the piece was done by the masterful MIKH, a freelance sculptor responsible for many Rackham and Helldorado pieces amongst others. I asked MIKH if he moulded the symmetrical parts for purposes of speeding up the process and symmetrical precision - he did not!!! All individually sculpted, with the use of a simple sculpting trick of doing the symmetrical parts back to back to keep a check on the symmetry itself.

Here is the model, there are no details on who painted it unfortunately, should I find out I will update the post.

This model is available from the CMON store, direct from Soda Pop and is available at many other miniature retailers.

The purpose of this post is to highlight the interesting article on MIKH's blog about the creation of this piece. There are plenty of the original technical drawings to see and a description of the process. Part 1 is up on the blog now and a second part is to follow, if you're interested in checking it out head on over here.....



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