Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Thuggorre Paint Job

I was looking through some old photos I needed to upload for the new Cool Mini Or Not 2010 Annual submissions and I realised I hadn't posted all of the photos of the fabulous paintjob done by SkelettetS from CMON (Stefan Johannson) on the Thuggorre bust. The original pictures were made into a flyer type design so I havn't posted them in their full glory. So here they are.

Stefan done an amazing paintjob and photos on my sculpt for which I am very grateful.

Thats all on a personal note, I am feeling my artistic desire increasing so I hope to start some projects soon and get back to painting now the winter is over. Unfortunately I did not get around to doing much over winter - it was a lot colder than I expected in my garage studio due to a poor quality door and the frame. An issue yet to be resolved.


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