Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Mr Forgetful....

Well looks like I forgot to post here as well as the forums all the latest progress. Nevermind. There will be one final set of new pics up tomorrow showing off the 99% finished bust. The tongue is the final element to do.

On another note I have started to sketch again after much reading of ImagineFX magazine I have decided to try my hand at some proper concept art and came up with a sheet of characters for my next bust design. I have chosen to do the bald headed barbarian character and started sculpting it already. Pictures of that soonish.

This character is called "Thugore" I imagine as a barbarian, outcast due to his even smaller than usual brain and his cone head. This guy is dumb, even by barabarian standards. Luckily for him then that one of the most powerful sorcerors in the world (like ever) controls his mind from afar and makes this lumbering ox do his bidding (hence the glazed over eyes).


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