Monday, 26 April 2010

Another Update...

Keep your eyes peeled for pictures of the face tomorrow, I will need some opinions. i am just sculpting the teeth now (nearly done) and moving around to the opposite side of the face. The teeth will not be sharp, mainly due to avoid too much rip on the mould when the resin is pulled but also because its fits in with my design and is different to the typically sharp toothed demon. It helps make the sculpt look like a brute. I am also working in some veins now I have a body building mag in front of me I can start doing that tonight. I tried a different technique for sculpting ultra fine veins, most people stick thin rolls of putty into a little trench cut out of the sculpt on larger scale work. On this sculpt it is made just be cutting the line in the final shape and then using simple sculpt-fu to reblend the putty to a raised vein edge. Looks pretty cool and works much better on an already textured surface that you don't want to ruin. Might do a little tutorial one day when i'm not doing the 1000 other things on my to do list.


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