Monday, 19 April 2010

First "30mm" Sculpt

Well progress continues on the Cyborg, I have moved around to the front now, built the sternum and have used guitar strings to create muscle fibres. Skinning the pec right now to see if effect looks okay and then i am going to start roughing the head in.

On another note, whilst the sculpt was baking i started my very first 30mm figure which has actually grown to 35mm to top of head. Hmmm, dont know how that happened. Anyway, it was just basically playing around from a simple idea of a bank robber in a clown mask with a gun and a "bang" sign. It is nearly done, more time was spent trying to get the putty to stick to the armature than actually sculpting it I almost certain. Had a few problems with the armature as well, round the arms and shoulders. Poorly executed on my part and it has affected the sculpt more than i thought. I m not that worried - its only messing about. I will post some pics soon.


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