Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Journey Boardgame By Marrow Productions

Our gaming group has a passion for boardgames of late. Magic The Gathering was what brought us together originally but we have expanded our interests beyond this now. We have Talisman, Relic, World of Warcraft, Mansions of Madness, Catan and many others besides being played every month. But with this post I would like to highlight a cool looking new boardgame due for release this year by Marrow Productions. It is based upon the Chinese classic "Journey to the West". A sort of Chinese Lord of the Rings if you will with its heroes battling demons along the road to recover scriptures. Of course, I would not be putting this on the blog if it did not have cool art and sculptures as part of the deal. And I am glad to report, sculptor Ray Wong is doing a mighty fine job creating the miniatures for the game, which are very high quality indeed. Rays work is based on concept art by Adrian Smith, who has been interviewed somewhere within this blog if you nose around.

Sculptor Ray Wong
The details on the game can be found on the Facebook page, click the "Like" button while you are there or follow it or whatever. It is a very promising looking project! I believe it will be featured on Kickstarter at some point. Here are a few photos, better versions are on the Facebook page. There you will find board art, character concepts, sculpts in progress, finished sculpts and some generic game art.

Art by JunC

Rays sculpting in progress for the Monkey King

WIP Monkey King 2

Some board tile art by  Henning Ludvigsen ART

Pigsy concept art by Adrian Smith

Resin miniature. Actual pieces will be plastic.
Go and check it all out!


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