Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Talisman Digital Edition Is Coming!

I am a MASSIVE fan of the boardgame Talisman. It's brilliant. Very much luck based but most definately a fun adventure where your fortunes go up and down and with a little bit of strategy you can help things a long. Most enjoyable when a crowd of 6 mates are enjoined around a table with beer and snacks and music blaring in the background!!!

Fantasy Flight games re-released the boardgame some years ago, after Games Workshop Black Industries sold the license. And a sterling job they have done, with many expansions- old and new released to date and more to come in the future.

The Talisman universe has recently expanded to include the Digital Realm and is now available to purchase on the Steam Platform for PC. It is currently Early Access, and everyone is helping to iron out bugs, put in their suggestions and getting ready for the imminent online update due over the course of the next couple of weeks. It has received a new update today that fixes some AI problems and adds in the Death mechanic from the Reaper expansion as a Halloween treat! The full Reaper expansion will be available properly from the day of official release.

With the arrival of Talisman Online Multiplayer games finally becoming an imminent reality Mr Jon New, webmaster of Talisman Island and No.1 Talisman fan in the world, and I have created a Facebook Community to create a more friendly envirmoment for chatting and arranging games. As time goes on and more expansions are released, inter continental games will become longer and more problematic. No worries, with our community just create a post, find some friends and arrange a time and date in a more gentlmanly manner. Most online games have some percentage of its users acting like children. We are aiming to eliminate all that. Of course, every good game has some small amount of trash talking etc. I love it personally, but everything is done in the spirit of fun. I hope we can achieve this aim. Perhaps even arrange some small tournaments. Click the banner link to head over to the Facebook community page, click like, post your Steam username and get ready to go online....

Head on over to Steam and purchase Talisman Digital Edition by Nomad Games!

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