Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Way Back When....

I was recently thinking about the first miniatures I ever owned and endeavoured to track down some pictures. It didn't take me long, not even minutes in fact!!! Big thanks go to all those people out there who go out their way to maintain websites on all the small things in life!!!! Here are some pictures of the first mini's I ever got my childlike paws on, I can't remember which of the two exactly came first, I'm thinking it was the wizards, but anyway - these two sets were my first and began my love affair with miniatures and models...

All these old models are cataloged over on www.dndlead.com where you will find plenty of information about them all. It's a shame I have no photographs of any of them that I painted myself, oh hang on - no it isn't lol.

Check back soon, I am working on doing the next proper blog entry. Might even be updating the workbench soon to with new progress photographs.



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