Thursday, 29 September 2011

Matt Levin Chess Set Complete!!

Okay, here are the final photos of Matt Levin's fantasy bust chess set and it's massive. Here are the shots of the black pieces and a complete set photo at the end. See a couple of posts down for the white pieces. Matt recommends a board size of 4" per square!! Thats one massive chessboard! But if you love cabinet making with a little bit of wood carving and art you could go to town on a wonderful elaborate design as these pieces will be cast which is great news. I think the board would be best designed as a whole table really but I would love to see what a skilled woodworker could come up with to complement this set - I'm imagining a lot of Narnian or Mid Summer Nights Dream type imagery. Utterly insane sculpting, here they are.......



  1. Incredible work, thanks for sharing Dfb.

  2. no worries, sharing great works is the main purpose of this blog!