Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Today's Randomness

Just wanted to post a bit of random stuff really. First off is that Terry at www.daemonscape.co.uk is getting ready to release the Cyborg Daemon, contact here Email: info@daemonscape.com - I think he is taking pre-orders or just pre-booking with anyone who is interested.

I received a couple of goodies in the post recently, an art book and a couple of space marine captains I am going to attempt to paint for ebay. Probably Ultramarines and an as yet undecided chapter, Imperial Fists or Dark Angels maybe. I like yellow though.... The book is by an artist called Glen Fabry who has done a lot of great work and also written a few other books I believe and I will be writing a review for it and posting up in the Arcanium section after I have looked through it more carefully.

Another blog I follow by sculptor and fine artist Alfred Paredes has recently been updated with another interview, video games concept artist Greg Baldwin. These interviews are interesting and always worth a read. Check out the previous interviews he has done as well, these interviews are with some very skilled sculptors and I must say enjoyable to read to someone like myself who is trying to improve my artistic skills. Alfred is a very talented sculptor himself and recently had his work featured on the Ellen DeGeneres Halloween show, carving pumpkins of Vanessa Williams, Steve Spengler and others on the show. The blog is here:


Also wanted to add that you will soon be able to purchase my busts from a supplier in the USA, more on that when it is all finalised in a few weeks.

All for now....


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