Sunday, 14 November 2010

Sunday Pick of the Week

I thought it might be an interesting thing to do a pick of the week from the top ten minis in the gallery from the Cool Mini Or Not website. Every sunday I'll post up a picture of my personal favourite from the chart. It will be hard as there are so many amazing models to choose from, but I will endeavour to pick something and post it. You can also check out my favourites list on the blog for a very comprehensive list of some of the best minis from the Cool Mini Or Not galleries.

I thought long and hard about my choice this week and I will give this weeks top pick to Tagamoga's Eldar War Walker. The things that strike me about it is the fantastic lighting effects and the sheer detail of the patterned lights on it. The base sets the model off nicely. So here it is.......

Please stop by and drop Tagamoga a vote and if you are a registered cmon member a comment, it's always appreciated!


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