Wednesday, 15 September 2010

A New Project Begins

Moving onto sculpting, now that the cyborg daemon is finished I have been given some DIY orders. Now, I have no intention of this meaning no sculpting or painting for me so I slipped in a cheeky session yesterday and here is the result.... ohh yeah, these are going to be my Mammox Riders. Evil beasts of chaos from the cold north,blah, blah insert dark and foreboding descriptive text in here. Seriously, it will comprise of a standard bearer, with I hope an awesome banner, an ogre warlord and a great hornblower. Maybe a regular warrior to, we will see. There will be three variations of the Mammox creature itself. I am on holiday in Wales next week so I hope to spend some time sketching ideas and maybe even produce some proper concept art to upload to my new section in the blog, yes on the sketchbook page. I have been inspired by browsing through the Cadwallon book by Rackham and am totally blown away by the art of Paul Bonner which I find very much reminiscent of Brian Froud with a scandinavian edge. And even more awesome was when i discovered Gary Chalk did alot of the Pen and ink illustrations in the book to. He was one of my favourite artists from my Talisman/Lonewolf days.

Right, excuse the tangent there and here is the beginnings of the standard bearer. Ignore the legs of course, I am stripping and reworking them. I have gone for a more realistically proportioned figure, although i think he is not ugly enough. I am pleased with the dreads and am working on some kind of head gear, probably the top half of some creatures skull. I need to add a little primitive to them. I am thinking of giving my ogres powerful but stubby legs. Not sure how to distinguish them from big muscular humans just yet. I need to play around....

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