Sunday, 12 September 2010

Final Daemon WIP Photos

Finally I have the last batch of WIP Shots. The first photo shows the tongue options of which there are four now. I am not sure if the client (daemonscape) is going to offer a choice or include them all with the bust. The photos below show some new adjustments, see what you think. The horned ridge is up for debate, the sculpt shows two options, the original horns/bone bit but the new one I like much better, it is just a tentacle type fatty area to break up the texture and allows some patterns to be painted. So you can do a side by side comparison. I like this much better myself, maybe I have been watching too much star wars/farscape babylon 5 but tentacles and aliens go to together perfectly. Well hope these photos meet with approval, they are not good as there was no outside ambient light, taken late yesterday evening. I would have posted them yesterday but I fell asleep on the sofa with my little dog curled up in my arms :)

Terry - let me know which brow to go with, (**cough** smooth, fatty one ;) )

Thanks for looking!


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