Thursday, 30 July 2009

Things Past

Just wanted to post up a couple of links back to my work in progress  threads and my current picture gallery. I'm not posting up any old stuff here so if you want to take a look, follow the links......

WIP Thread

Picture Gallery

My picture gallery is based at This site allows you to vote a score out of ten for each model and leave comments if you wish and the site features astounding painting and scratch built models as well as sculpts from the hobbies top artists. If you haven't visited do so now, it really does showcase some astounding work.

More work to do on my minidojo competition entry today, beginning to have some doubts as to whether I can finish it, but I will post it up whatever state it may be in come the 31st July!! 

I received the three resins back today from Grey Matter Figures so work will commence on the 1st August at the earliest on these, just have to decide which to do. The assassin will probably be quickest for me to do as I have it more in my mind what I want to do with it.


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