Monday, 27 July 2009

First Post

This is my first real blog entry ever, so I'll try to make it good.

2009 was supposedly going to be a year of "artistic development" of my sculpting skills. I set myself a couple of goals and project ideas and things were going well. Then Grey Matter Figures purchased a sculpt off of me, a caracature of a mean wizard, intended as a one of a kind sculpt on a jar to store brushes and tools in, and things took off well in advance of my plans!! The wizard ("Master of Alchemy") is now available from Grey Matter Figures and comes in two parts made in high quality resin with the highest of standards. I am very pleased with the quality of the cast I received and would recommend them to anyone looking for someone to do their moulds and casts, very experienced guys who have worked with some talented people, including Rackham - producing the resins of "The Crow", "Pumpkinhead" and "Ninja Goblin" models.

Now I am working on a new piece - "The Rat King" this sculpt is in a similiar vein - it's a bust and I will be sculpting three variations of it. This will be produced by Grey Matter Figures also and will be available quite possibly around September time. The master sculpt is finished and thethree variations will be the next thing for me to sculpt. For those eager to see, here is a work in progress photo......

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