Monday, 18 February 2013

Ogre On War Rhino

Came across a mini which has really impressed me, it's an Ogre on a War Rhino, currently on Cool Mini Or Nots top 20 minis of the week. The reason it interests me was I was meant to be scultping something similiar myself. I am not a great fan of the Rhinox sculpts by GW, they are good of course, but I wanted something more ferocious and primal looking for my ogres. Have only done some rough sketches for own one at the moment. Anyway, this one was sculpted by Scibor, who has featured in White Dwarf for some of his custom Rhinox sculpts he done a few years ago now.

You can visit Scibors website here, there are some good minis available here.

The paintjob has some great colour choices and is really striking - love it. I am not sure of the artist who painted it, but great job!!! This model is available to buy in Scibors store now.

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