Tuesday, 22 January 2013

New Year - Fresh Start

Just a quick post to say Happy New year to everyone, although the year has already featured some personal problems and bereavement. Thats why I have been a bit quiet here. I hope to concentrate more on my hobbies this year. 2012 was an awful year for me due to the breakdown of my marraige, so the blog was not updated very often. Time to refocus and get back into drawing, painting and sculpting. If I don't update this blog enough with good stuff, somebody kick me....

I am assembling some bits and pieces of news and stuff over the next few days. One thing I would like to do this year is feature more 2D stuff. As you know this blog started off as me getting excited about cool fantasy/sci-fi sculptures and posting them to share with everyone. This is great but as I get back into my 2D work I am feeling the urge to promote that just as equally. Expect photos and much pimping of the artists work and websites, products etc. I will be doing some book reviews as well. These will be brief looks at some of the books I have bought on sculpting, painting and drawing as well as various art books.

Anyway, expect some stuff soonish. I need to dig myself out of the hole first and then back to business.


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