Monday, 10 December 2012

Adrian Smith VS Cyril Roquelaine

An interesting challenge has been set on the pages of Facebook between two great artists - sculptor Cyril Roquelaine and illustrator Adrian Smith. Each day for the next 7 days a new painting will be posted by Adrian on his Facebook Page from his artbook "Illuminations" each morning and Cyril will sculpt it and post photographs of progress throughout the day. Certainly an interesting project to follow indeed. Cyril has already posted some of the first challenge here...

Here is the art Adrian has given Cyril for the days sculpt...

EDIT: Here is the finished sculpt at the end of the days work. Please check back here for more tomorrow to see what picture Adrian has chosen from his book for Cyril to sculpt next. This is some great sculpting - I love his work so be sure to check his blog and take a look!

This is just one photo, to see all the rest please visit Cyrils website where you can see the full days sequence of progress! I am really liking this collaborative project - great stuff!!!!


Cyril Roquelaine is an awesome sculptor and his website is here. Take some time and check it out!


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