Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Cool Mini

Today I perused the pages of the Cool Mini Or Not website, on the top twenty for the week section and I came across a mini I was actually looking at in one of Rackham books I have. I thought the art was great and the guy who painted this miniature done an amazing job, it looks really good. So I recommend you take a look here.....


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I have been doing a few things this week. Completed a sketch of my goblin character "Pothead" which will be up in the Sketchbook section shortly. I am also working on a Quasimodo bust, just touching up the face before I bake the head and continue with the body. Painting wise, I am just finishing off the base for my Hive Tyrant. Normally I do the base last, but in this case I thought it would be a nice and easy way to start this painting project. Haven't done much on my Nurgle guy unfortunately, but I will get back to him soon enough.


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