Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Halloween and the Pumpkin Master Ray Villafane

When October comes and peoples thoughts turn to ghosts and goblins and sweets and pumpkins I think first of one man - Ray Villafane and of what amazing creations he will be carving throughout the month.

Ray is a pumpkin carving champion on American TV's Food Network channel and has done much other work that has been in the public eye. His biography is a very interesting read and you can see it here.

If I had to choose a favourite sculptor amongst all the people I love, as hard as that maybe to do, I would have to pick Ray. Anyway, gushing admiration aside, here is a selection of his amazing work. If you want more Ray has a Facebook page here or you can visit Ray Villafanes website here

Quick note, Ray does sell some pumpkin carving related items, first and foremost he has a video tutorial, available as both a download and a physical DVD. The DVD has some extra tutorials as a bonus as well. Ray also has a book, contaning photographs of his work. And the toolset used by Ray is also available to buy. I haven't seen the video yet myself, but have been assured by a friend that it is very good. I don't think there are probably that many pumpkin carving DVD's out there to choose from so would have to say this is going to be the best choice!
A video of Ray working on a world record pumpkin can be seen here, well worth the watch to see this monstrosity being made!!!


Let the Eye Candy Commence!

Well thats it for today, one more feature tomorrow hopefully on a Halloween theme. It's rather late to do now, but I was meaning to take a look at a whole host of other great pumpkin sculptors and their work. I guess I will save that for next Halloween....


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