Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Just A Quick Post

I recently posted the fabulous illustrations of Russ Nicholson, well I thought that whilst kind of on the subject of Fighting Fantasy gamebooks I might mention its main rival of the time the LoneWolf series by author Joe Dever. Many of you may remember these wonderful books that added the element of leveling up within the series, with each following book continuing the same quest. Lonewolf was massively successful in its day and is kept alive by an online project which has converted many of the books to a variety of formats PDF, MOBI and HTML in several languages. Some of the later books are still being worked on, but the whole project is an officially endorsed endeavour being backed by Joe Dever himself and all of the illustrators who worked on the books. The project is called "Project Aon" and you need only follow the link below to enter a gamebook paradise and relive adventures of old.

Project Aon

EDIT: Another edit to add some additional content. I recently learned of what looks like a very good quality Fighting Fantasy Fanzine called "Fighting Fantazine". It seems very professionally producing with contributions from people involved in the books when there were written. I have yet to check them out in detail, but here is the link to the back issue page where you can download for free.

PS: Keep your eyes peeled for more great life size predator sculptures soon...  

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