Thursday, 2 June 2011

A Flight of Dragons and Stories To Be Told

No sculpture today, but still essentially on topic...

I recently have been thinking nostalgically back to fantasy films I enjoyed in my youth and a couple in particular stuck in my mind. Such things serve as the inspiration of our works and I personally hold such memories dear. So here's a couple I have been trying to get hold of on DVD.

The StoryTeller by Jim Henson - a series of short, dark fairytales from various cultures which was told in a slightly unusual way of blending in the action within the setting of the StoryTellers immediate enviroment. Utterly fantastic costumes, monsters and stories featuring many famous faces including John Hurt as the Story Teller himself. One tale even featured Sean Bean! There was a short follow up season based around Greek fables and starring Michael Gambon as the Story Teller. The big crime here is that they are very hard to get hold of in DVD format and certainly not widely available in the UK after a hunt on ebay and other online stores. Luckily these shows are available online, as dodgy as that may be, these shows are great for fantasy fans and not to be missed. But if you do spot them in a shop be certain to snap them up.

The Flight of Dragons was another classic cartoon that is again, unfortunately very hard to get a copy of if you are in the UK. Customers in the US are more fortunate however and are able to order it via Amazon. It is oddly manufactured to order and comes as a direct no thrills attached copy of the VHS version. But for the folk who cannot order it, it to is available to watch online and if you havn't seen it, I recommend it as a good classic fantasy cartoon.

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