Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Alien Intelligence

After browsing the CoolMiniOrNot website over the last couple of days I came across a stunning bust sculpted by the ever amazing Jordu Schell ( and painted by the painting machine that is "Jarhead" (Roman Lappat) of CMON. You can check his impressive group blog here - and please do, it is one I always enjoy reading and there is plenty of stuff to learn and plenty of eye candy to blow your eyes from their sockets. It is run by a small group of fantastic painters, not just Roman, so features work from several artists.

Today I finally started some sculpting again. I was just playing about - doing some alien face sketches when I hit a shape I liked and I kept going at it. Its nearly finished and now I need to figure how to use it in a sculpt. It is a withered face, very much Drow like so I may get it cast and try a few designs out. I like the idea of a warrior and a wizard character, so watch this space.


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