Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Hooray I can Post Again

After upgrading my Opera web browser the Blogger controls now actually work and I can once again post updates. This entry is a general collection of things....

First up some fantastic sculpts by Cyril Roquelaine. This very talented guy has some videos up on Youtube where you can watch him sculpt some pieces. These are two of my personal favourites I saw when I visited his site. You might want to turn the sound off if you dont like repetitive jazz though.

Cool Mini Or Not Figure of the Week

Whilst many lovely painted miniatures as always lurk in the top twenty of the week over on Cool Mini Or Not and more often than not it is tough to pick a favourite, this just had to be my pick of the bunch. Amazing work.

Games Force Magazine Issue 19 is now available in the UK - Just received my copy very swiftly delivered by El Greco Miniatures (I received this in 2 days flat!) I have used this company several times and can whole heartedly recommend them. No problems and swift delivery. It contains many articles by some of Cool Mini Or Not website artists - Jarhead (Roman Lappat), Arsies (Javier Gonealez) and Jeremie Bonament Teboul amongst others and a fantastic interview with Alan Carrasco.

Irregular Magazine Issue 7 is available to download free. This is a fantastic quarterly magazine and you get it at the link below....


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