Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Life Is For Living

Well, yesterday I had some great news about a new job I have been chasing on and off over the year. After 16 years of working for Safeway/Morrisons I will be moving to a new job which is full time over 3 days, giving me 4 days of free-time to actually live life without it feeling like you are constantly working. At any rate this means I can invest more time into my pursuit of art and sculpting, not as much as I would like still as my house is like one massive, eternal DIY project, but at least 1 1/2 days of it. It also means I can ship items more frequently.

At any rate things should be looking up from now on. I will be adding some more things to the blog throughout the course of the week - photography is a hobby dear to my heart when I travel and I will add a section for it, not related to miniatures maybe but photography is a form of art and thats one of the things that this blog is about. Photography from China, USA, Cyprus, Create, Turkey, Paris and many other places I have visited will be featured and I will pick a selection of my best shots. I have some more sketches to add, one is a candidate for a sculpt the rest is just done for fun and practice, but I will be posting all of it anyway.


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