Thursday, 26 August 2010

Project Done

The Thuggorre project has gone from concept art to finished product and has been followed by many people in the forums. It was certainly an interesting project, sharing the whole process as a typical work in progress thread, if a little time costly taking pictures, uploading, posting across the different forums and so on. Most other companies will give a sneek peek at some concept art,  the finished green and then the final painted product. With Thuggorre I wanted to share the whole thing, it was just down to my own excitement and the fact I know I would be interested in knowing all the small details involved with product development by the major mini companies out there like Games Workshop, Forgeworld, Enigma, Rackham and so on. Being one artist in a studio doing all this on a much smaller scale I knew it would not hold the allure of watching the masters at work, but I hope the WIP has been relatively enjoyable nontheless. I would sell my soul to poke my nose into the goings on of some of the major art studios across the world!!

The artist who painted Thuggorre for me has now uploaded the final photos to his Cool Mini Or Not gallery and can be viewed below, please give him your vote!!!

SkelettetS Gallery

Grey Matter Figures will be attending the Telford IPMS Scale Model World show on the 13th and 14th November and Thuggorre will be there available for you to take a look at or purchase. Grey Matter Figures will be licensed to sell selected  pieces of work I do and this is the first to be made available. You can of course purchase direct from me at where I have the webstore set up.

At the workbench today, when I have finished typing this I will be straight onto the cyborg daemon commission, I have to remake the horns on the back of him and do a little bit of retexturing where I hacked half of the back out to start again. I will take the opportunity to work in some more intricate veins as well. When this is done it will be very close to completition and submission of final photos to the client. I must say having the demon on the bench for a long time has really made the super sculpey firm clay a joy to work with and I may do this with other project, time allowing. That or use the fridge to chill it and firm it up in a slightly different manner.

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