Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Tunisian Tales

Well after a "relaxing" week in beautiful Tunisia I am back. Why is that in inverted comas? Probably because I was a little grumpy with fellow holidaymakers lack of manners and rudeness. One spoilt little girl banging her glass at a waiter and demanding water, people just walking straight into you without saying anything and queue jumping galore. And oh yeah don't get me started with sunbeds.  I also witnessed a little girl of about 7 attempting to cut her own bread with a razor sharp guillotine, except it would have been all her fingertips that would have been cut if I hadn't stopped her pulling the handle down. I am not a parent, but I am sure most would agree that it was monumental stupidity to let loose a 7 year old on a guillotine with a great big razor sharp 4" wide blade. Anyway, Tunisia has beautiful countryside, seemed to be more looked after than other countries I have visited in that area. Lots of neatly planted agriculture and palms along the main roads. The modern towns are a bit grubby and lots of building work is unfinished or in progress. An old town we visited was very picturesque though. Of course the ruins of Carthage are a big attraction and I was quite pleased to spend a day out looking around despite the ominous police building with armed guards on towers along one perimter edge. I took some photos here that include many sculptures found at the site and will upload these in due course. Some in very good condition some not so much, but on the whole the site was pretty good.

I am now back to work and will be fitting in as much sculpting this week as I can. I have also been sketching and have another sheet of drawings finished and two pages in my sketchbook are in progress with 6 new characters. It is definately good to be drawing again after so long away from my pencils. I have also bought pen and ink so I can perhaps play with that soon again as well. Working in colour is on the "to do" list however and I will be going digital for my colour work, at least to start with. I do have acrylics and oils and would love to do some pieces on board and canvas. My wife is a big Disney fan so I may do some simple scenes and characters from her favourite films to start with.


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