Friday, 12 March 2010

Almost There

The warrior is almost finished, just some details on the side of the helmet, the horn and the cheek guard clasp mainly, some sanding and finishing  and the helmet crest left to do. Working with epoxy is certainly slow compared with super sculpey, but I do like the saftey net of not having to worry about damaging it by holding it clumsily and squashing the details. I am pleased with the final look, it is turning out well and think it will be mission accomplished when this piece is done. The scavenger type culture of the were-rats and their look is achieved by creating a slightly disjointed type of helmet, which is worn,damaged and repaired and has a couple of different elements to its design.

I neglected to take photos last week, as I'm moving all my stuff into the garage and now the work is largely finished it seemed slightly pointless. I will now do photos when the piece is completed!!! 


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