Saturday, 8 August 2009

Future Plans

Well, I just wanted to lay out some thoughts for where I am headed with my plans into becoming a fully fledged freelance sculptor. One of my most important goals at the moment is to get myself a new job trying to get myself 4 days a week off, where I will just have to work three 12 hour shifts. This will give me the time to devote to practicing and getting some actual days I can officially allocate to sculpting. 

I really want to design a fantasy world where I can set my characters and pieces that are geared towards use in fantasy games: ie 54mm and 28mm scale work. This will help me get inspired and create more interest for myself and helps tie things together more neatly. Planning my other work has also been on my mind. I'd quite like to get the "Jarhead" (tm - lol) idea out there, just really need to cast in resin and get the core drilled out which I am going to be suggesting to Grey Matter Figures to see if they wish to pursue the idea. I am also planning a range of 90mm faerytale characters, this would be my next big project and I have designed and gathered some concept and inspirational art for Little Red Riding Hood as the first character to be sculpted. Pics below further down the woman shown is a friend of my wife who has kindly said i could use her likeness. After doing an "entry" for's sculpting competition for an assassin bust I decided as well as doing the larger Jarhead sculptures I would have a go at a range of 50mm bust work. So to summarise plans:-

28mm Fantasy - Eventually, based in my own fantasy world

54mm Fantasy - Eventually, based in my own fantasy world

50mm Busts

Jarheads - Large scale sculpts designed as Brush pots and tool holders

90mm - Special Projects

6" - This will probably be the largest I will go to and again will be special projects, at this stage a barbarian conan type sculpt is my main idea for first treatment.

Reference art for Red |Riding Hood sculpt.Photobucket


Just some ideas on the table for my own purposes and to help me keep organised. I found a neat free portfolio site to present my pictures on so I will post best final pictures on there as well as here. Here is a demo video.

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